Nordic Flair

Launched in 2017, Nordic Flair is an initiative of the Finnish Film Affair, offering career development opportunities for Nordic talent. Each year, we also honour an exceptional Nordic talent working internationally with the Nordic Flair Award, one of the highest honours of Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy.

In 2017-2018, the initiative focused on acting, with the Nordic Flair Award being awarded to Pilou Asbæk  in 2017 and Laura Birn in 2018, respectively. Director Lone Scherfig was the recipient of Nordic Flair Award in 2019, the year when we focused on directors and composers, as well as actors. At Nordic Flair 2020, we shone the spotlight on the behind the scenes talents of Nordic film industry: emerging sales agents and distributors, as well as artists working on film sound, by awarding our Nordic Flair Award 2020 to foley artist extraordinaire Heikki Kossi.

This year, our Nordic Flair market training initiative will focus on the leaders in the business. Nordic Flair 2022 is a leadership training programme for sales agents, distributors, buyers and broadcast commissioners working in one or more of the Nordic countries. The workshop will focus on professional development and aims to give its skilled participants more tools to innovate sales and distribution models and scout new Nordic filmmaking talent; as well as to lead their departments and teams through challenging times.

The participants will attend FFA programme as well as closed training workshops are organized by Sten Saluveer (CEO @ Storytek Innovation and Venture Studio) and Nordic Factory.

The 2022 participants are:

Arthaus, Fredrik Scholze, Digital Media & Promotion Manager, Norway
Finnkino Theatrical Distribution, Jutta Hopp, Marketing Manager, Finland
LevelK, Niklas Teng, Head of Traffic & Festivals, Denmark
Nordisk Film, Veronica Rossi, Senior Marketing Manager, Finland
Yle Film Team, Elina Pohjola, Team Leader / Film Commissioner, Finland

The Nordic Flair programme is supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the Finnish Film Foundation.