A platinum blonde woman roams the streets of a deserted town by night with a certain uncertainty in her step. The hurrying figure appears alarmed and extremely fragile. There is a familiarity in how she attempts to find her bearings, although the woman’s face can barely be seen. A Mexican on a horse appears from out of nowhere. No words are spoken but the blonde mounts up and fades away into the dusk.

Musician Anna Eriksson’s debut is a tour de force that dives into the viewer’s subconscious and pushes the boundaries of film as an art form. M was originally conceived as a video installation but grew into a feature. It is compiled from material shot over five years in Portugal, Mexico and Uusikaupunki by cinematographer Matti Pyykkö.

Eriksson is behind almost everything else in her opus from its direction to the screenplay, editing and sound design. She acts in the film and is the mellifluous yet exhausted voice on the soundtrack. The intense, erotic voice in which great sorrow and loss can be heard. The voice of sex. The voice of death.

M is not a film about Marilyn Monroe but rather of an archetypal feminine character – the reflection of our dreams, desires and woes. To fully embrace M’s experimental visual flow is to open oneself up to the future of film.

Translation: Mikko Raatikainen

Director Anna Eriksson will be present at the screening on 22 September at Maxim 1 at 18.30.

  • Orig. title: M
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Ihode Management
  • Cinematography: Matti Pyykkö
  • Editing: Anna Eriksson