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Elektronisen musiikin kärkinimiin kuuluva yhdysvaltalainen LCD Soundsystem heitti jäähyväiskeikkansa 2.4.2011 Madison Square Gardenissa New Yorkissa. Ohjaajat  Will Lovelace ja Dylan Southern rakensivat konsertin ympärille kiitetyn Shut Up and Play the Hits -dokumenttielokuvan, joka on varmistunut R&A:n ohjelmistoon.

LCD Soundsystemin johtohahmo James Murphy halusi lopettaa huipulla. Viimeinen konsertti kesti huimat neljä tuntia, ja sitä on kuvailtu tanssi-punkyhtyeen kunnianhimoisimmaksi. Huikean konserttimateriaalin lisäksi Shut Up and Play the Hits seuraa Murphyn valmistautumista ikimuistoiseen keikkaan. Murphy kertoo avoimesti lopettamispäätökseen liittyvistä tunteistaan ja perusteluistaan.

LCD Soundsystem esiintyi Suomessa vuonna 2010.

The live footage is amazing…. Some audience members literally couldn’t sit still for the duration of the screening and took to the aisles during the live numbers. It was hard to fault them, what with the fantastic, chair-shaking sound installed in the venue. Twice, the audience burst into applause after songs.
Susan Shepard, Rolling Stone

“The last waltz for the electro-dj-generation. Lovelace and Southern’s creation is a complex, yet beautifully constructed exploration of legacy, set to some of the most attractive concert footage in recent memory. LCD and music fans rejoice; this is one of the best concert documentaries in years… One of the most interesting and enjoyable musical documentary experiences in a long, long time”
Ryland Aldrich, Twitch Film

“A mash-up of cinema and journalism, document and performance; a concert film sandwiched between a mission statement and a staged punctuation to a career: the LCD Soundsystem documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits offers more basic narrative satisfaction than many of the fiction films shown here [Sundance] using documentary aesthetics in the name of realism…”
Karina Longworth, Village Voice

Shut Up and Play the Hits -traileri