Club Dons of DiscoIlmainen

Putte’s Cellar
Perjantai 20.9.
Klo 22.00

Vapaa pääsy!

CLUB DONS OF DISCO jatkaa iltaa Dons of Disco-dokkarin sävelissä!

Puttesin kellarissa juhlitaan myöhään yöhön timanttisen italo-discon tahdissa.

Musiikista vastaavat DJ:t/sisarukset Kristiina ja Tero Männikkö.

“Siblings Kristiina and Tero Männikkö have been hosting a club night DISCO OBSCURA already for 8 years. Kaiku resident Kristiina has an affection for heavy snare drums and mystical atmospheres that can be heard weekly on Radio Helsinki, where she plays weirdo synth cuts, EBM, dark(er) Italo and twisted House together with Irene Kostas. Tero has a passion for the obscurities – his sets are a mixture of the most valued italo disco rarities from the vaults to bargain bin classics. His formidable selection, filled with heavy synths, passionate vocals and gated reverb drums, will create a compulsive need to dance. Kristiina and Tero were both featuring in “Italo Disco Legacy” -documentary; which points out the history of italo-disco and the late revival of the phenomena”

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