In the near future, Pasi (37), an animal designer, works day in and day out like a robot. But Pasi is lonely and has not felt well lately. He goes to a doctor who tells him that he is simply depressed. But work and life go on, since animals must be designed. Everything changes when Pasi finds a real squirrel, the last one on earth, wandering helplessly in the street. Although it’s illegal and dangerous, Pasi decides to take the squirrel home with him. Pasi manages to take care of this little wonder and they both seem to get better, until one day Pasi notices that the squirrel is depressed too. As if this isn’t bad enough, police officer Emilia is ordered to follow Pasi, who is acting suspiciously. Pasi has to put everything on the line to find a way to take the squirrel back to its natural living environment. He goes on a quest to save the squirrel – and to find something real.