Never Enough White Roses is a film about love, longing, hopes and fears. It is the last supper party of the summer and nothing will be the same again. Based on a novel by Helmi Kekkonen (2016, Siltala), the film examines the parent-child relationship. When do we want a child? Why do some want to be parents and others not? A happy childhood or a good parent – do they even exist? In the film, everything is in place for a supper party: the table is set and the wines are cooling. The wife is dressing up, while the husband fetches more white roses. The guests are preparing for the evening in their own homes. The atmosphere is filled with expectation. During the party, each character’s childhoods are revealed through flashbacks that move between a beautiful summer idyll to a chilling autumnal hell – destroying our cherished ideas of parenthood and childhood, and exposing the traumas and fears.