In 1913 Helene Schjerfbeck is a forgotten artist, painting only for passion, whilst living with her elderly mother in the Finnish countryside. One day, art dealer Mr. Sundman visits Helene and finds her 159 paintings stashed around the hut. He organises a huge successful solo exhibition, but the real excitement begins when Helene meets Mr. Einar Reuter. Einar, a forester and painter himself, is a passionate admirer of Helene’s work. The two fall deeply in love despite him being 15 years younger, an act unheard of for a romance at the time. Then, out of nowhere, he proposes to another woman, 30 years younger than Helene! It takes an enormous emotional toll, and Helene is treated in the hospital for a broken heart, never to fully recover. Afterwards, she grows more independent and a stronger artist than ever before.