Impact Report

Finnish Film Affair put together a report spanning 10 years, from 2012-2021, which mapped out the impact that FFA has had on the Finnish industry, and on its internationalisation.

A few key statistics:

  • 234 fiction and documentary projects were pitched in 2012-2021, with a further 250 completed films in the event’s film programme
  • 212 different production companies have taken part in FFA
  • FFA houses documentaries, fiction, and TV projects all under the same roof
  • Over 2000 meetings have been curated between guests and project representatives
  • Guests spanning from almost 50 countries worldwide
  • Attended by the likes of HBO, Netflix, Tribeca, Festival de Cannes & Marché du Film

The report also includes more in-depth case studies with FFA regulars such as Danish Bear, IPR.VC, It’s Alive Films, Monolit Film, Silva Mysterium and Tuffi Films.