Bio Rex Festivaalikeskus
Saturday 26.9.
Language: Finnish
Free Entry!

Is home a physical place or a feeling? What if home is at many places, roots around the world? How to feel belonging to a place where you’re constantly the other, a guest?

Fem-R and Love & Anarchy organize a panel, where home, belonging and roots are discussed. The film The Last Black Man in San Fransisco underlays these topics, its Saturday screening is at Bio Rex at 4pm, just before the discussion.

Speakers: Siria Lemma, a doctor specializing in psychiatry, founding member of Ubuntu Film Club, Alice Mutoni and Yasmin Yusuf, who worksas an expert of Together -work and inclusivity in the Helsinki Pride -community.

The Panel is moderated by Fem-R board member Irene Omwami.

Free entry! Tickets to The Last Black Man of San Fransisco here.