Kuva La Torrefazionen terassista.

La Torrefazione’s club nights continue. On the terrace you can chat about movies, enjoy music and sip on a Love & Anarchy birthday cocktail.

La Torrefazione Lasipalatsi 15.9. at 20 The Opening Club

The 35th year of the Love and Anarchy Festival kicks off on the terrace of La Torrefazione, in the Lasipalatsi Square! You are warmly invited to enjoy music and refreshments in good company under the warming heat lamps. Enjoy the festival days ahead, taste the R&A 35v drink and even dance if you like! During the evening, you’ll be entertained by the great DJ duo Bonanza Boys!

La Torrefazione Lasipalatsi 16.9. at 20 TBA

La Torrefazione Lasipalatsi 21.9. at 20 Kunsthaus: Art Pop Up

Kunsthaus will be exhibiting works by the artists involved in the project on the terrace of La Torrefazione on Wednesday 21 September. As well as admiring the art, you can buy works of art such as postcards, posters and unique clothes.
Kunsthaus is an experimental art project that, with financial support from Jägermeister, provides six young artists with the space and materials to realise their vision. The space will be used to create art, clothing and installations.

La Torrefazione Lasipalatsi 23.9. at 20 Cinemaissi: Kino Fiesta
La Torrefazione Lasipalatsi 24.9. at 20 TBA