Nordic Flair interview: Laura BirnFree

G Livelab
Torstai 27.9.

An interview with Nordic Flair Award recipient, actress Laura Birn.  The interview will be held in English!

Laura Birn (b. 1981) is a Finnish actor and the recipient of this year’s Nordic Flair Award for her inspiring roles and diverse international career in film and television. The award is given annually by HIFF and the festival’s industry event Finnish Film Affair to a film talent putting Nordic excellence on the map. A graduate of the Helsinki Theatre Academy, Birn has appeared in films such as Naked Harbour (HIFF 2012), Purge (HIFF 2012), Heart of a Lion (HIFF 2013) and Absolution (HIFF 2015). She can currently be seen in the Netflix series The Innocents (2018-).

Free admission!