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The 32nd Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy will screen the Toronto hit HUSTLERS as this year’s surprise film. Starring Jennifer Lopez, the film tells the story of a gang of former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on Wall Street’s moneymen. The festival’s last weekend brings several reruns of festival favourites to the world’s best audience!

This year’s HIFF culminates on the surprise screening of Lorene Scafaria’s drama comedy HUSTLERS. The surprise hit from Toronto International Film Festival tells the story of a posse of strippers who start to swindle the finance wolves of Wall Street. The leader of the pack is played by Jennifer Lopez who has already got the Oscar rumours for her role. The film also stars Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians, 2018) as well as pop stars Lizzo and Cardi B. Hustlers will be screened at Kino Regina on the final day of the festival September 29th. SF Studios will bring Hustlers in Finnish cinemas after the festival.

Among the several reruns of festival favourites are Mark Jenkin’s experimental HIFF hit BAIT, Danielle Lessovitz’s New York vogue romance PORT AUTHORITY, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s last year’s German Oscar nominee NEVER LOOK AWAY, the stark Colombian teen guerrilla film MONOS, Crystal Moselle’s U.S. indie SKATE KITCHEN about a gang of girl skaters and the festival’s Nordic Flair Award winner Lone Scherfig’s newest film THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS.

The reruns will be screened on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets to the screenings will be on sale at 3 pm.

PORT AUTHORITY at 11:45 am Bio Rex
DOGMAN at 12 pm Orion
HONEYLAND at 12 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
BAIT at 1:45 pm Bio Rex
HAIL SATAN? at 2 pm Orion
STITCHES at 2 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
IN FABRIC at 9 pm Orion

SUNDAY Sept 29
HUSTLERS – KORKOJEN KERA at 11:45 am Kino Regina
MONOS at 11:45 am Orion
KNIVES AND SKIN at 11:45 am Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
SKATE KITCHEN at 1:45 pm Orion
THE SWALLOWS OF KABUL at 2 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
NEVER LOOK AWAY at 3:45 pm Orion
QUEEN OF HEARTS at 3:45 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
DEERSKIN at 7:15 pm Orion
THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS at 6:30 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
BLIND SPOT at 6:30 pm Kino Engel 1
SÁMI SHORTS at 6:45 pm Kino Engel 2
THE SOUVENIR at 9 pm Orion
A WHITE, WHITE DAY at 9 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali
SEARCHING EVA at 9 pm Kino Engel 1
FEMINIST VISIONS at 9:15 pm Kino Engel 2