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31st Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy treats its audience with reruns of some of this year’s festival hits. Among the reruns are action madness MANDY, black comedy SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and the gripping Danish thriller THE GUILTY. Tickets to the rerun screenings are on sale now.

Other reruns include the 1970s disco documentary STUDIO 54, veteran director Paul Schrader’s FIRST REFORMED, trans teen story GIRL, women’s rights documentary RBG and Greek dark comedy PITY.

Andrea Arnold’s gorgeous road movie AMERICAN HONEY (Season FF 2017) will be screened as an addition to the program to celebrate the festival guest Shia LaBeouf.

The reruns will be screened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets to the screenings are on sale now.

The list of rerun screenings can be found below.

FRIDAY 28.9.
AMERICAN HONEY at 5:30 pm Kinopalatsi 1

THE CHARMER at 9 pm Kino Engel 1

THE GUILTY at 12 noon Bio Rex

SIR at 12 noon Orion

RBG at 12 noon Andorra

ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE at 12 noon Korjaamo Elokuvasali

WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST at 2 pm Savoy Theatre

EL ÁNGEL at 2 pm Andorra

M at 2 pm Kino Engel 1

WINTER BROTHERS at 2:15 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU at 4 pm Savoy Theatre


THE END OF THE CHAIN at 4:15 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

BLACK 47 at 6:15 pm Kino Engel 1 (attended by director Lance Daly)

THE CHARMER at 8:45 pm Kino Engel 1

SUNDAY 30.9.
FIRST REFORMED at 12 noon Orion

MINDING THE GAP at 12 noon Andorra

STUDIO 54 at 12 noon Bio Rex

DEAD MOUNTAINEER’S HOTEL at 12:15 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

MCQUEEN at 1:45 pm Savoy Theatre

CUSTODY at 2 pm Andorra

FULL OF LOVE at 2 pm Kino Engel 1

PITY at 2:15 pm Orion

METATITANIC at 2:15 pm Dubrovnik

LEAVE NO TRACE at 4 pm Andorra

TOUCH ME NOT at 4 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

EI KOSKAAN ENÄÄ at 4 pm Kino Engel 1

GIRL at 4:15 pm Orion

THELMA at 6:15 pm Andorra

SINK OR SWIM at 6:30 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

EXIT at 6:45 pm Kino Engel 1

RAFIKI at 8:45 pm Andorra

MUSEO at 8:45 pm Korjaamo Kino Kulmasali

ERIC CLAPTON: LIFE IN 12 BARS at 9 pm Korjaamo Kino Elokuvasali

EUPHORIA at 9 pm Kino Engel 1

MANDY at 9:15 pm Bio Rex