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Kelly Thornton is a young (b. 1997) and talented Irish actress. She has a small role in John Carney’s (Once, 2007, Begin Again, 2013) charming new film SING STREET. A film tells a heartfelt story of a young boy who starts a band in order to get the girl.

Kelly Thornton is available for interviews on 19th September. Request to the festival publicist.



Irish screenwriter and director John Michael McDonagh’s earlier films have presented Brendan Gleeson first as a corrupted police officer (The Guard, L&A 2011) and then as a priest with a drinking problem (Calvary, L&A 2014). McDonagh’s latest film WAR ON EVERYONE is another comic film with dirty cops, saucy dialogue and absurd twists. Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña are badly behaving, rule breaking dirty cops of New Mexico. They get several enemies from the underground and finally one of them appears to be too big even for them to handle.

John Michael McDonagh ja the film’s co-producer Elizabeth Eves are in Helsinki 16–18 Sep. Interview requests to the publicist.



When Danish director Michael Graversen started making his documentary DREAMING OF DENMARK, few hundred underaged asylum seekers arrived in Denmark annually without a parent. Now there are thousands of them. The film observes one of these children. Film screenings are organized in cooperation with Amnesty International Finnish Section.

Michael Graversen is in Helsinki 23–24 Sep. Interview requests to the publicist.



Spanish director Kike Maíllo attends the festival with his film TORO. Screened as a part of the Toughies section, TORO is a hardcore gangster portrayal where blood is thicker than water.

Kike Maíllo is in Helsinki 18–21 Sep. Interview requests to the publicist.



Argentinian Gabriela Aparici arrives in Helsinki with her dance themed documentary TANGO SUOMI. Argentinians are surprised to learn how passionately the tiny northern people of Finland take tango. The film is crowded with familiar faces from Tuomari Nurmio to Mika Kaurismäki and M. A. Numminen.

Gabriela Aparici’s in Helsinki on the 19th Sep.


Further information and interview requests:

Saija Holm, publicist L&A, saija@hiff.fi, + 358 50 355 82 74