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The additional screenings for the final weekend of the 28th HIFF have now been confirmed. The confirmed screenings include, among others, the relationship satire THE LOBSTER, the prize-winning art history anime MISS HOKUSAI, the sadomasochism documentary THE CEREMONY and MR. HOLMES that tells about the old master detective’s struggles with his mind. The popular short films will also get additional screenings.


Schedule for the additional screenings:

FRIDAY 25 September

Night Goes Long at 23:15 Bio Rex (filmmakers attending)


SATURDAY 26 September

The Lobster at 11:40 Bio Rex

Miss Hokusai at 14:00 Bio Rex

Mr. Holmes at 11:45 Orion

Swing Game at 12:00 Andorra (filmmakers attending)

Crumbs at 14:00 Andorra

Dance of Life at 12:00 Dubrovnik

One Man Multishow at 14:00 Dubrovnik

Extraordinary Tales at 12:15 Kino Engel 1

Grandma at 14:15 Kino Engel 1

The Ceremony at 21:00 Kino Engel 2


SUNDAY 27 September

Men & Chicken at 12:00 Bio Rex

Victoria at 11:30 Andorra

808 at 14:15 Andorra

Konesielu at 12:00 Dubrovnik

Comedic Shorts from Finland at 14:00 Dubrovnik

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief at 15:45 Dubrovnik

1001 Grams at 12:15 Kino Engel 1

Extraordinary Tales at 14:15 Kino Engel 1

The End of the Tour at 16:15 Kino Engel 1

Dope at 18:45 Kino Engel 1

Cold Rock at 12:00 Kino Engel 2

The Ceremony at 14:00 Kino Engel 2

Paris of the North at 16:00 Kino Engel 2

The Diary of a Teenage Girl at 18:30 Kino Engel 2


Tickets for the additional screenings are on sale now!


Additional information: Publicist Janne Sundqvist / +358 50 5464 396 / janne@hiff.fi