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The biggest film festival in Finland launches a three-year collaboration with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. Through the collaboration, films from HIFF’s programme can be seen on television across Finland and select contents from Yle will be seen on the big screen. The collaboration includes interesting new works by filmmakers Agnieszka Holland, Orwa Nyrabia and Mark Cousins, among others. Cousins will come to Helsinki for a pre-festival visit 4–5 September. Furthermore, the first episodes of the new season of Yle’s popular TV-series Kimmo will be sneak previewed at the festival.

Talal Derki’s RETURN TO HOMS will be screened both by Yle’s Docventures and HIFF in September. The Syrian producer of the film, Orwa Nyrabia, visits HIFF 20–23 September. Nyrabia, who founded Syria’s first independent film production and distributing company as well as the country’s international documentary festival, has also been active in the Syrian opposition movement.

Return to Homs follows soccer star Abdul ”Basset” al-Sarout, who becomes a central figure in the peaceful demonstrations in Syria and eventually decides to take up arms in his struggle against Bashar al-Assad.

In September, HIFF and Yle will present BURNING BUSH, a series directed for HBO by Polish director Agnieszka Holland. HIFF will screen the production as an over three-hour-long film version, whereas Yle Teema will show it as a miniseries in three episodes 26–28 September. Burning Bush takes place during the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1969. As a director, Holland has moved smoothly between television and cinema. In addition to political fiction films, she has directed such compelling American TV-series as the legendary crime series The Wire and music series Treme.

HIFF sneak previews fresh episodes of the popular Yle series Kimmo
In a special screening, HIFF shows the first four episodes of the second season of KIMMO, a popular Finnish TV-series that will commence a new season on Yle TV2 in November. The protagonist Kimmo, played by Jussi Vatanen, is a thirty-something man struggling with the challenges of adulthood. At the beginning of the second season, Kimmo leads a smooth middle-class life. Everything appears to be fine on the surface, and yet something doesn’t feel quite right. Main acotrin Jussi Vatanen and  Malla Malmivaara will be present at the screening.

Director Mark Cousins visits Helsinki as HIFF’s pre-festival guest

Both Yle and HIFF will screen films by director and critic Mark Cousins. The Irish director will come to Helsinki as HIFF’s pre-festival guest with two of his new documentaries. He is familiar to the Finnish public through his book about the history of cinema: The Story of Film: An Odyssey, and the TV-series based on it. YLE Teema will rerun the popular series starting 10 September. Some of the films discussed in the series will be shown throughout autumn in Saturday’s Theme series (Teemalauantai) as well as in the Cinema Classic series (Kino Klassikko) on Sundays.

In September, HIFF screens Cousin’s latest film LIFE MAY BE, in which he engages in a cinema discussion about culture, gender roles and the creative process with actor/director Mania Akbar from Iran. Life May Be scrutinises factors that separate and unite artists coming from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, HIFF and Teema both screen Cousin’s film A STORY OF CHILDREN AND FILM, in which he examines the finest child portraits in the history of cinema. Cousins is available for media interviews 4–5 September.

Interview requests and additional information: Publicist Kira Schroeder / 050-3716483 / kira@hiff.fi / hiff.fi 

Films by HIFF 2014 directors on Yle in September

–        Ruben Östlund’s (TURIST, R&A 2014) PLAY on Yle Teema Wednesday 24.9. at 22:05

–        Joshua Oppenheimer’s (THE LOOK OF SILENCE, R&A 2014) THE ACT OF KILLING on Yle Teema Thursday 18.9. at 23:15

–        Göran Hugo Olsson’s (R&A 2014: CONCERNING VIOLENCE) THE BLACK POVER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 at Yle Teema Friday 19.9. at 22:55

HIFF 2014 films that will be shown later by Yle

–   ’71
–   20 Feet from Stardom
–   Boy Upside Down
–   A Story of Children and Film
–   Ballet Boys
–   Concrete Night
–   Concerning Violence
–   Garden Lovers
–   Between Rings
–   They Have Escaped
–   Summertime
–   Laulu
–   The Reuinion
–   Love & Engineering
–   Becoming Me
–   Me, Myself and Mum
–   Monsterman
–   Muscle Shoals
–   Night Moves
–   Nymphomaniac
–   Once I Dreamt of Life
–   Jill & Joy
–   Pulp: a Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets
–   Sex, Drugs and Taxation
–   The Voice of Sokurov
–   The Look of Silence
–   The Quiet Roar
–   The Trip to Italy
–   Tolonen
–   Turist
–   Tuulensieppaajat
–   Emergency Call – A Murder Mystery
–   Raspberry Boat Refugee
–   When Animals Dream