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Five films, chosen by Helsinki International Film Festival and The National Audiovisual Institute compete for the festival’s Audience Award. The winner will be screened as Film of the Month in Orion Cinema in November. 

Pawel Pawlikowski’sunassuming, black and white drama IDA takes a close look at the silenced history of Poland. Taking place in the 1960s, the film tells the story of a young novitiate nun, who is just about to take her vows when she finds out about the grim past of her family. Ida’s view of herself and the surrounding world changes when she investigates her family’s history with her bohemian aunt. Ida was voted Best Film at London Film Festival and it won the FIPRESCI Award during Toronto International Film Festival. The film has also been nominated for The European Parliament LUX Prize.

Horses appear wise compared to stubborn humans in Benedikt Erlingsson’shumorous film OF HORSES AND MEN. The stunningly beautiful absurd drama is set in wild Icelandic landscapes, where horses play at least as big a role as people. Binoculars are in active use when neighbours spy on each other in the small community, where riding a horse is the most convenient form of transportation.

SHORT TERM 12, situated in a shelter for teenagers, is one of the strongest American films of the previous year. The story, which is based on personal work experiences of director Destin Daniel Cretton, follows a dedicated counsellor at the shelter, who drowns her own troubles by working with the youth.She doesn’t try to be a saviour or a therapist, but encounters the kids as her equals. Brie Larson (s. 1989), who plays the protagonist, was awarded Best Actress at Locarno International Film Festival.

JEALOUSY, directed by Philippe Garrel, is the story of 30-year-old theatre actor Louis, who leaves his family to be able to lead a romantic life as an artist with his colleague. As the name suggests, each character in the film, Louis, his lover, his ex wife, and his daughter are jealous at some point. The protagonist of the film is played by the director’s son, Louis Garrel.

THE SELFISH GIANT is Clio Barnard’s reinterpretation of Oscar Wilde’s tale by the same name. Situated in Northern England, the film is a story of two 14-year-old boys who try to make money by gathering scrap metal after being expelled from school. Barnad’s strong and realistic depiction of childhood was screened in the Directors’ Fortnight series in Cannes, and it was nominated for The European Parliament LUX Prize last year.

The audience can vote for Orion’s Film of the Month 18–28 September on the website of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI): kavi.fi/kuukaudenelokuva. The winning film will be announced on September 28 and screened four times in Orion: 4.11., 16.11., 19.11. & 28.11.

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