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Sept 24, 2013

The additional screenings for the final weekend of HIFF have now been confirmed. There will be, among others, twisted relationships of a porn king, close-ups to the reality of a Chinese kung fu school, a Swedish family dinner from hell and murderers dancing on rooftops.

Schedule for the additional screenings:

FRIDAY 27 September
The Look of Love at 18:30 Kino Engel 2

SATURDAY 28 September
Austenland at 12:00 Andorra
Much Ado Abot Nothing at 12:00 Kino Engel 1
Dragon Girls at 12:00 Kino Engel 2
Blondie at 14:15 Kino Engel 1
Samsara at 12:00 Orion 

SUNDAY 29 September
XL at 14:15 Kino Engel 1
The Act of Killing at 21:15 Kino Engel 1
The Act of Killing at 21:00 Kino Engel 2

Please also note the previously added additional screenings, schedule at the end of this text!

Friday’s additional screening will be Michael Winterbottom’s THE LOOK OF LOVE. The film is the story of the porn king Paul Raymond, who built himself a fantastic fortune. Steve Coogan is seen in the leading role, also known from Winterbottom’s film 24 Hour Party People.
The Look of Love extra screening on Friday 27 September at 18:30, Kino Engel 2

On Saturday, it’s time for director Ron Fricke and producer Mark Magidson’s praised collaboration SAMSARA, which has been a huge success at HIFF. At the extra screening HIFF shows a rare 4K copy of the film, which is more high quality format than the normally seen format.  The filmmaker duo is known from the award-winning films Chronos and Baraka. The latest film takes the audience from sacred lands to disaster zones and from industrial complexes to the wonders of human nature. Like its predecessors, the genre is visual and musical seduction without dialogue, let alone any explanatory texts.
Samsara extra screening Saturday 12 pm (noon) at Orion

Joss Whedon’s black and white interpretation of Shakespeare’s play MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING will also be included in the additional screenings on Saturday. Writer-director Whedon is best known for the cult series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the comic-based film The Avengers (2012). This time Shakespeare’s classic comedy has been filmed in the director’s modern Santa Monica home, but the story and dialogue are faithful to Shakespeare’s original tone. Much Ado About Nothing extra screening Saturday Sept 28 Kino Engel 1 

On Saturday, HIFF will also screen AUSTENLAND, a bright comedy about 30-something Jane who is a huge admirer of Jane Austen. In an attempt to make her own life more Austen-like, she goes to an Austen theme park, where she learns that 1900th Century manor life perhaps wasn’t that easy and romantic after all.
Austenland extra screening Saturday at noon (12 pm), Andorra

In the documentary film DRAGON GIRLS Inigo Westmier follows the lives of students attending a Chinese kung fu school. The director has picked several charming female kung fu promises out of the 26 000 pupils, including a 9 -year-old girl with special talent, and a 17 -year-old young woman who has returned to the school after running away. The kung fu school can be interpreted as a metaphor for the education institution called China, making it requires a huge effort in the extremely competitive environment. Dragon Girls additional screening on Saturday, 28 September at 12:00, Kino Engel 2

Jesper Ganslandt’s family drama BLONDIE gathers three lovely sisters at their cold and arrogant mother’s birthday party. As one might expect, problems and tension between the family members surface. Ganslandt’s debut film Falkenberg Farewell (2006) was seen at the Venice Film Festival, among others.
Blondie additional screening on Saturday, 28 September at 14.15, Kino Engel 1

HIFF also has another Nordic extra screening: the hilarious XL satirizes the Icelandic political morality. The film, directed by Marteinn Thorsson, focuses on a wild parliament member whose drinking is getting so out of hand that people around him get worried. His friend, the Prime Minister, forces him into rehab, but this of coures can’t happen before organizing a decent orgy. XL extra screening on Sunday, 29 September at 14:15, Kino Engel 1

Joshua Oppenheimer’s THE ACT OF KILLING is a documentary about the Indonesian death-squad members making a fiction film about their cruel actions. The Director’s Cut is one of the most insightful and chilling documentaries of recent years and has become one of the festival’s most popular films – one additional screening was added to the programme already earlier. The Act of Killing Director’s Cut extra screenings on Sunday, 29 September at 21.15, Kino Engel 1, and at 21:00, Kino Engel 2

Previously announced additions to the HIFF programme:

Wednesday 25 September
THE FIFTH ESTATE additional screening at 16:00, Orion (128 min) NOTE: in the place of the cancelled film Jîn
STORIES WE TELL additional screening at 21:30 Kesäkino Engel (108 minutes) NOTE: in the place of the cancelled film To Live

Friday 27 September
THE PAST extra screening at 18:00 Maxim 1 (130 min) NOTE: actor Tahar Rahim present at the screening

Saturday 28 September
Surprise Film 1: MILIUS at 14:00 Orion (95 min)

Sunday 29 September
Surprise Film 2: SIDE EFFECTS at 21:00 Bio Rex (106 min)
Additional screening: ENOUGH SAID at 12:00 Kino Engel 1 & 2 (93min)

Additional information:
Publicist Kira Schroeder / +358-50-3716483 / kira@hiff.fi / hiff.fi