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August 29th, 2013

The Finnish Film Week, organized by HIFF and a group of film industry organizations returns to HIFF from September 20th to September 26th. During the domestic theme week the audience gets to see a number of domestic previews as well as return to quality films that have been distributed during the year. The screenings are visited by filmmakers and are subtitled in English. The Finnish Film Week is part of the industry event The Finnish Film Affair (Sept 24th to 26th). The Finnish Film Week ends with an award ceremony for the industry organisations. 

The year 2012 marked a record year for the Finnish film industry and the upward trend seems to continue – by August domestic films had received an audience of 1,3 million. The one million mark was reached already in March, when the same number was reached in April the year before. This signifies an increase by ten percent for the corresponding time period. These strong numbers makes us very proud to showcase upcoming domestic premieres and remember the excellent films from the year gone by.

The preview screenings at the Finnish Film Week include THE DICIPLE by Ulrika Bengts, THE LAST LIFE OF LUCIFER by Rax Rinnekangas and THE SURREALIST AND HIS NAUGTY HAND by Pekka Lehto. Dome Karukoski’s HEART OF A LION and Pirjo Honkasalo’s CONCRETE NIGHT, which get their world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival will also be previewed at HIFF.

One of the aims of the Finnish Film Week is to create a space for dialogue about Finnish films. Consequently, filmmakers who discuss their films and answer questions from the audience will attend the screenings. Participating filmmakers include Aku Louhimies, who directed 8-BALL, a drama about a young single mother who tries to get her life straight after a prison sentence, and Johanna Vuoksenmaa, director of 21 WAYS TO RUIN A MARRIAGE, which to date is the most viewed domestic film this year.

Another speaker is Aleksi Salmenperä, namely known for his fictions, who made his first feature length documentary with ALCAN HIGHWAY. Also present at the screenings will be Kim Saarniluoto, who co-directed THE TALE OF A FOREST, a nature documentary, which attained the highest viewer numbers of all times for a Finnish documentary. The Finnish Film Week also features highly popular screenings for pupils called Pulpettikino.

The Finnish film industry awards accomplished film professionals

The Finnish Film Week culminates on September 26th with an award ceremony at Dubrovnik, where the Finnish film industry awards accomplished colleagues. The awards for 2013 and the participating organizations are:

  • Film producer of the year / The Central Organisation of Finnish Film Producers
  • Colleague of the year / Finnish Film- and Media Professionals SET
  • Film director of the year / The Association of Finnish Film Directors
  • Documentary award / The Documentary Guild
  • Actor of the year / Union of Finnish Actors
  • Screenwriter of the year / The Union of Finnish playwrights and screenwriters

Further information: Sari Väänänen, CEO, The Central Organisation of Finnish Film Producers  /+358 (0)50 322 2373 / sari.vaananen@filmikamari.fi / Kira Schroeder, Publicist HIFF / +358 (0) 50 371 6483 / kira@hiff.fi /hiff.fi/en/