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August 28th, 2013

The National Audiovisual Archive and Helsinki International Film Festival have nominated five films to compete for the festival’s Audience Award. The winning film will be shown as the Film of the Month at Orion Cinema in November. The audience can vote for their favourite candidate on the webpage of the National Audiovisual Archive (kava.fi) from Sept 19th to Sept 29th at 12 o’clock. The winner will be announced on the last day of the festival (September 29th) on the organizers’ web pages. The nominees for the audience prize are:

20 years ago a Serbian soldier tries to protect a Muslim vendor from the fury of his fellow soldiers. The war has implications on the present day as well, and one cannot escape the grudge even abroad. Srdan Golubović, whose film Trap (2007) was an excellent investigation of personal morals, returns with an impressive drama about how dramatically the war in the Balkans continues to effect the lives of different individuals.

Georgia 1992. The Soviet Union has ceased to exist and soldiers and guns are part of everyday life in the streets of Georgia. The 14-year old girls Eka and Natja are navigating towards adulthood under the threat of violence, family traumas and a chaotic school environment. The film is directed by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Gross.

The year is 1988 and the people of Chile are voting about the political future of General Pinochet. Gael García Bernal plays an advertising pro who creates a TV ad with a clear message: NO! Pablo Larraín, who has been part of the new Chilean film wave, treats modern democracy with a dark, yet humorous touch.

Passion runs strong with the pulsating rhythm of tango in Frédéric Fonteyne’s drama comedy, which features one of the most impressive male tango scenes in the history of the white screen. Jealousy adds confusion to the story when a prison guard falls in love with a woman, whose husband and lover are serving a sentence for a robbery in the same prison.

A Palestinian youngster runs away from his mum in Jordan in the 1960s. Looking for his father, the boy ends up in a camp for paramilitaries and becomes friends with a young soldier. Annemarie Jacir depicts growing up in harsh conditions with warmth and dry humour. 13-year-old Mahmoud Asfa makes her screen debut in the leading role.

The Film of the Month is screened at Orion Cinema on Tuesday November 5th, Sunday November 17th, Wednesday November 20th and Friday, November 29th.

Cinema Orion / Eerikinkatu 15. Tickets 6 € / 4,5 € with the club card

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