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September 9th

The list of guests at this year’s HIFF continues to grow. Guests attending the festival include Aksel Hennie, Jan Cornet and Colm Meaney and directors Spencer Susser, Phil Cox and Jaak Kilmi.

The festival’s opening press conference will be held at the HIFF Info at Lasipalatsi on  Thursday, September 15th at 5pm. All festival guests present in Finland on Thursday will make an appearance at the press conference.
ATTN! The accreditation deadline is today. Please fill out the accreditation form at www.hiff.fi/press. 

Aksel Hennie, Synnøve Macody Lund and Asle Vatn
For director Morten Tyldum, Aksel Hennie was the only candidate for the lead in HEADHUNTERS, the action thriller based on Jo Nesbø’s novel. Previously Tyldum and Hennie have worked together on the critically acclaimed blockbuster BUDDY (HIFF 2003).

Aksel Hennie is one of Norway’s most popular actors, last seen in MAX MANUS (2008) and A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN (HIFF 2010). Aksel Hennie has received the Best Norwegian Actor award at both the Amanda Awards and the Kosmorama Film Festival, and has also made his mark at a number of international festivals.

Synnøve Macody Lund is a journalist and former model. Headhunters marks her debut as an actor. A very extensive round of casting was required before realising that Synnøve would be perfect for the part.
Aksel Hennie, Synnøve Macody Lund and Asle Vatn in Helsinki on September 19

Further information and interview requests:
Marjaana Katajisto / Nordisk Film

Jan Cornet
The young and promising Jan Cornet plays a terrific supporting role in Pedro Almodóvar’s thriller THE SKIN I LIVE IN, the opening film of this year’s HIFF. Cornet, who has previously been seen in tv-series and short films, seems right at home alongside stars such as Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya. THE SKIN I LIVE IN is Almódovar’s 18th feature film.  ATTN! THE SKIN I LIVE IN is spoken in Spanish and has Finnish subtitles.
Jan Cornet in Helsinki from September 14 to September 16

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Saija Holm / Future Film
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Colm Meaney
Irish actor Colm Meaney’s long list of well known films and tv series includes THE COMMITMENTS (1991), THE SNAPPER (1993) and STAR TREK, in which he acted for 12 years. Now Meaney stars in Darragh Byrne’s melancholically beautiful PARKED. Finnish actress Milka Ahlroth plays the leading female role.
Colm Meaney in Helsinki from September 17 to September 19

Spencer Susser
Only on rare occasions does a director get actors such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman to star in their debut film. Spencer Susser’s tough and stylish Hesher also features music by Metallica. The film is written by Susser and director David Michôd, best known for his gritty debut, ANIMAL KINGDOM. Susser, who charmed audiences at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, is currently working on a feature-length version of his zombie short film I LOVE SARAH JANE.
Spencer Susser in Helsinki from September 18 to September 21

Jaak Kilmi and Kiur Aaarma
Jaak Kilmi is one of the world’s most original documentarists, and his style is immediately recognizable. Producer Kiur Aarma and director Jaak Kilmi are both known for their film DISCO AND ATOM WAR (HIFF 2009) and have once again combined their skills. In TALLINN SPICY SPRATS: THE CANNED TALES the stories of the living and dead, memories and city legends, children and skeletons come together and are connected by a five-hundred-year-old murder story that occurred in old Tallinn. The histories of Estonia and Finland have often shared a path in Kilmi’s films, making TALLINN SPICY SPRATS a must-see for everyone in Finland.
Jaak Kilmi in Helsinki from September 16 to September 20
Kiur Aarma in Helsinki from September 17 to September 19

Phil Cox and Dennis Wheatley
Director Phil Cox’s documentary THE BENGALI DETECTIVE follows dancing detective Rajesh Jin and his colourful group of assistants as they try to solve murders, adulteries and the backgrounds of fake shampoos. Since the corrupt and inefficient police force doesn’t enjoy any trust amongst the people of India, they resort to the help of private detectives.  Phil Cox began his career with experimental and ethnographic film before specializing in reportage and long-form documentaries from conflict areas around the world.  He has been honored with the
Rory Peck Award and Royal Television Society Award for both his directing and cinematography. Cox has been director of London-based Native Voice Films for 12 years.

Dennis Wheatley was responsible for the sound design and original music of THE BENGALI DETECTIVE. His journey into the world of sound began at a young age. At first, Wheatley experimented with reel to reel tape recorders, synthesizers and anything he could wrestle sound from. Wheatley was gradually drawn into arranging and mixing and it felt like a natural transition for him to start working more on the landscapes of sound in film. Wheatley has worked for several years on a mixture of documentaries, drama, shorts, feature-length and everything in between.
Phil Cox and Dennis Wheatley in Helsinki from September 15 to September 18

Helene Lindholm
The critically acclaimed SHE MONKEYS is a taboo-breaking depiction of developing sexuality. Producer Helene Lindholm has studied literature and philosophy at Uppsala University and graduated as a scriptwriter from the Swedish School of Television in 2001.
Helene Lindholm in Helsinki from September 20 to September 22

HIFF guests also include Icíar Bollaín, Paul Laverty, Andres Veiel, Dejan Zecevic, Seyfi
Teoman, Aureliano Amadei, Mikael Buch, Nicolas Maury, Hannes Holm, Cyril Tuschi,
Ian Palmer, Risteard O Domhnaill, Katrin Laur, Andres Maimik, Nick Holdsworth and
Paul Dasilva

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