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Still lyhytelokuvasta Record shop. Kuvassa levykaupan myyjä Patisse on tiskin takana. Hänellä on ruskeat afrohiukset ja unelmoiva ilme. Kuvassa on vaaleanpunainen valo.

The end of December marks the tenth edition of International Short Film Day. As usual, HIFF is part of the Short Film Day working group. Originating in France, the event celebrates the short film form on the shortest day of the year. To celebrate the Finnish Short Film Day, you can organise your own pop-up screening from 14 to 21 December.

The HIFF pop-up package consists of the films that won the Audience Award at the Finnish Short Film Competition. The cavalcade includes Milja Härköse’s short documentary To Feel Alive which delves into the world of young people preparing for entrance exams at the Theatre Academy, Uzair Amjad’s Paper Promises, in which a Pakistani student who has moved to Helsinki forms a new relationship with doors while delivering mail, and Basha Troni’s Death of a Boy, which focuses on 12-year-old Albert, who discovers a new world in a boxing gym. The compilation also includes this year’s Audience Choice Award winner Levykauppa. In Lotte Laitinen’s short film, 15-year-old Vaula tries to blend in with the record shop’s regular customers and get the attention of Patisse, a lovely record shop clerk.

Registration for the pop-up screening is open until 21 December. Read more about the screening and sign up here.

In addition to HIFF, this year’s Finnish Short Film Day is organised by Tampere Film Festival, Yle, The Centre for Finnish Media Art, The Finnish Film Foundation, Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, Turku Animated Film Festival and Ihmefilmi. The event is funded by Finnish Film Foundation.

The Short Film Day theatre package will be screened at the Film Foundation’s Kino K13. Finnish Short Film Day will also be celebrated by Yle Teema, which will screen award-winning short films from Finland and elsewhere.