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The donation amount for this year’s Earth tickets and festival passes was distributed to the Saparomäki Animal Shelter and the Tuulispää Animal Protection Centre. 

The total amount donated for the environmental tickets was €3969, which will be divided equally between the sites.

By channelling donation funds to environmental protection, HIFF wants to support sustainable nature conservation and provide an easy way for its audience to get involved. This year, HIFF wanted to focus specifically on work targeting non-human animals. HIFF would like to express its deepest thanks to all those who bought Earth tickets!

The Saparomäki Animal Shelter provides a home for farm animals under threat of slaughter. The main activities of Saparomäki are education and awareness raising. The shelter also provides a framework for people to get to know other animal species as knowledgeable and unique individuals and personalities. Saparomäki is home to pigs, sheep, chickens and a former laboratory dog. The proceeds of the donation will be used to maintain the shelter and build new facilities.

Animal Welfare Centre Tuulispää is a shelter for farm and farm animals in Somero, established in 2012. Tuulispää has around 100 permanent animal residents: horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, birds, foxes and one mink. What all the animals have in common is that they have been at risk of slaughter or euthanasia, or have had nowhere else to go. Tuulispää works to improve the social status of animals and advocates for animal rights. The animal welfare centre is run by a non-profit animal welfare association and is only possible through donations.