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Maya ja Laura volvon kyydissä.

It’s been a month since the autumn festival, but the R&A tour is still going strong. The R&A tour brings a selection of the programme outside the capital region. The films on the tour can be ordered and screened by cinemas and film clubs, events and municipal cultural services from 1 October 2022 to 30 April 2023 This year’s tour programme is a cross-section of the various themes.

Valdimar Jóhannsson’s festival hit Lamb is set in the pastoral landscape of Iceland. The life of a couple living on a farm is transformed when their sheep gives birth to a lamb with a human body.

Another Nordic film is Lovisa Sirén’s stylish debut feature Maya Nilo (Laura), which explores the relationships between women in different spaces, without men. Two estranged sisters and a teenage daughter travel across Europe in a Volvo in a road movie.

From Sweden there is also Maria Loohufvud’s and Love Martinsen’s luminous Calendar Girls. The documentary focuses on a Florida-based dance group of women over 60. The feel-good film takes you amidst dance performances filled with toothy smiles, rhinestone-embroidered costumes and joyful music. As long as there is dancing, there is life.

Danish filmmaker Julie Bezerra Madsen’s documentary All That Remains to Be Seen tells a touching mother-son story and gives a voice to a minority whose stories we hear and see too rarely. 7-year-old Silas learns he is losing his sight, and his mother Christina, who has the same retinopathy, wants to teach him how to navigate the world.

Simon Lereng Wilmont’s A House Made of Splinters turns its gaze to Ukraine. This sensitive Danish documentary depicts the lives of children taken into care in an institution for Eastern Ukrainian families devastated by war and alcohol. The film won the 2022 Sundance International Documentary Series.

Estonian director Meli Paliale’s Tree of Eternal Love is a tragicomic odyssey. Lovers Kiik and Piia carve their names on the Tree of Eternal Love. When Piia cheats, Kiik must go and cut down the tree.

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s crisp debut feature Murina is an intense family drama set on the turquoise Mediterranean.

Pulpettikino On the Road

The R&A Pulpettikino films are touring Finland this year as part of the R&A Pulpettikino On the Road project. The films can be ordered without screening fees. The Pulpettikino tour includes films for younger and older school children. They include Mervi Enqvist’s documentary Power of the People, which follows Laura Eklund Nhaga’s personal and political journey to the heart of activism, Rémi Chayé’s animated western Calamity and Studio Ghibli’s magical Earwig and the Witch.

Alongside the films, Pulpettikino’s tour will also include a short film screening of a charming selection of European animation.


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