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Tickets for the re-runs are now on sale and the second half of the festival is in full swing. Over the past first half of the festival, we have enjoyed full cinema halls, great guests, interesting discussions and a festive atmosphere.

Love & Anarchy will culminate in the second weekend, with the chance to see the festival’s surprise favourite Tukdam, the Lithuanian sci-fi dystopia Vesper and the critical documentary Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power. Now there is also the chance to see Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car, Asghar Farhadi’s Hero and Giuseppe Tornatore’s Ennio, which have already charmed in cinemas. See the full list of re-run screenings at the end of the article.

Critical discussions and millennium parties

The R&A’s 35th anniversary year has also been a celebration of events. The first half of the festival has seen discussions on issues such as ageing and film music. In addition to the discussions, there has also been dancing late into the night at the Love & Anarchy birthday party. The pace of events does not slow down in the second half of the festival – quite the opposite. This week, it will be possible to discuss great art productions, the male gaze in the spirit of Brainwashed and the problem of the auteur figure with 40-year-old Selo. On Saturday, we join forces with the Icons Club for a millennium party.

Today sees the launch of the R&A’s diamond short film programme Cut to the Chase – R&A Shorts. 30 short films have been selected for the fifth edition of the National Competition. The screenings of the National Competition will take place from 21 to 25 September at the Maxim cinema. The jury selected the films from 134 new short films submitted to the competition.

As usual, the festival will be accompanied by the Finnish Film Affair. The event for film professionals starts today. Each year, around 50 films are presented to 400 audiovisual professionals from around the world.

Love & Anarchy re-runs

Friday 23.9.

16.15 Neptune Frost (Cinema Orion)

18.30 The Quiet Girl (Cinema Orion)

20.24 Tree of Eternal Love (Cinema Orion)

Saturday 24.9.

11.15 Decision to Leave (Bio Rex)

11.30 Sankari (Kino Regina)

14.00 African Express – lyhäripysäkki (Cinema Orion)

14.00 1976 (Bio Rex)

16.00 Kukaan ei katso sinua silmiin (Cinema Orion)

18.15 Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power (Cinema Orion)

21.00 The Worst Person in the World (Cinema Orion)

Sunday 25.9.

11.30 Ennio (Cinema Orion)

11.30 Vesper (Bio Rex)

11.30 Sick of Myself (Kino Regina)

11.30 My Emptiness and I (Savoy)

13.30 Tukdam – Between Worlds (Savoy)

13.45 Once Upon a Time in Uganda (Bio Rex)

14.45 Drive My Car (Cinema Orion)

15.45 The Woman King (Bio Rex)

18.30 Mariupolis 2 (Cinema Orion)

21.00 Red Rocket (Cinema Orion)