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Samira Elagoz kuvaa itseään peilin kautta. Hän on ala

Seek Bromance is a trans romance set at the end of the world, a feverish journey and a moment of farewell. The work will have its Finnish premiere as part of the Love & Anarchy programme.

Two transmasculines meet at the beginning of a pandemic. Elagoz goes to Los Angeles to meet Brazilian artist Cade Moga. The artists are to film each other for a month, without a script. The film is a dive into the depths of sex and sexuality. The lockdown stretches and the duo journey through a world deserted by a pandemic, with no clear end point.  

Elagoz documents his journey with Moga, from the first moments to the end. In addition to transromance, the film documents Elagoz’s long farewell to his femme identity. 

“I set out to edit a work that I needed to see while struggling with my gender. A trans work where it’s not about educating cis people, or justifying our existence or being shiny positive examples, but a real story, where the trans protagonists are complex and troubled, progressive and admirable, problematic and relatable. Where they are rebels, lovers and creators.” tells Elagoz. 

Elagoz’s Silver Lion-winning work will be screened as part of the autumn programme, as one of the films in the Spotlight Selection. Seek Bromance moves at the interface between film and performance art. Elagoz will therefore also be seen on stage at Bio Rex. Tickets for the special screening go on sale on 8 September. Elagoz made his Love & Anarchy debut in 2017, with his film Craigslists Allstars.