Season Film Festival is held as a nationwide online film festival 5.–9.5.2021. Once again,  Love & Anarchy’s spring spin-off hails women as directors, screenwriters and actors. The online screenings include 10 sterling indie features that tackle equality, identity and the use and abuse of power. In addition, limited cinema screenings can be enjoyed by Helsinki audiences. More info on these screenings will follow on Monday 26.4.

Season Film festival starts Wednesday 5.5. One of the most interesting contemporary US directors, Josephine Decker, is the festival’s filmmaker in focus with two of the director’s acclaimed feature films in the programme. Decker’s breakthrough MADELINE’S MADELINE is a coming-of-age story situated in the world of experimental theatre debuting the charming Helene Howard in the leading role alongside Miranda July. Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) shines as the horror author Shirley Jackson in Sundance winning SHIRLEY. Produced by Martin Scorsese, the thrilling literary tale is available online as well as in movie theaters of Helsinki in limited festival screenings.

Two powerful documentaries take on the issues of identity and prejudice. AILEY tells the story of legendary choreographer Alvin Ailey while POLY STYRENE: I AM A CLICHÉ spotlights that of the first British woman of colour rockstar, the lead singer of punk band X-Ray Spex and feminist riot grrrl movement’s icon Poly Styrene. The crown jewel of the documentary selection is Victor Kossakovsky’s GUNDA, which portrays the estranged relationship between human and nature in such a crushingly somber way that the film has become a true global sensation.

French first-time director Charlène Favier’s SLALOM examines the problematic use of power with its chilling portrayal of an abusive relationship between a talented teenaged slalom skier and her charming trainer. Agnieszka Holland’s (Mr. Jones, L&A 2019) newest feature CHARLATAN is a captivating biopic of a Czechoslovakian miracle healer who is singled out by the country’s communist government.

In 2017, Brazilian Iuli Gerbase wrote a staggeringly relatable film for the time we are now living. Surprisingly cathartic, THE PINK CLOUD tells how a poisonous cloud forces the whole world to remain in total lockdown until further notice. THE SLEEPWALKERS is a summery family drama, where the relationship between a protective mother and her sleepwalking daughter becomes fraught with trouble. Melinda León’s dreamlike SONG WITHOUT A NAME narrates a story of poverty and otherness in 1980’s Peru in a beautiful way, which echoes of Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma.

The tickets are now on sale. The films will be available to watch on Festival Scope for five days from the scheduled showtime. Two films will become available on each day of the festival as per the festival programme. The first two films will become available on Wednesday 5.5. at 11am and the last two on Sunday 9.5. at 11am. There’s a limited availability of tickets per screening and the films are available only in Finland.