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HIFF ticket sales start on September 10th at 10 am. This is an updated guide to help you get your tickets to the hottest film festival of the year. So stop wondering about how to get them – find out here!

Find the question that best matches yours from the list below.

What on earth!!! I can’t find the tickets in my inbox?!? Where…
Take a deep breath. Then check your spam folder. Gmail in particular can throw the tickets you have bought or the reservations you have made directly into folders such as Spam, Promotions or Notifications.

Wait a minute! Can’t I sit next to a friend?
Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, safe distances must be maintained on the festival. That means that two empty seats are left on both sides of every seat. This is how we can guarantee a safe distance around you in the sides, front and back.

But I want to sit next to my friend!
No worries! We have just the ticket for you. In some theatres, tickets for double seats are available, which are located in the back or on the sides of the theatre. With a double seat ticket, you get two seats that are surrounded by safe distance. There is a limited number of double seat tickets on sale in the following theatres: Kino Engel 2, Cinema Orion, Savoy-theatre, WHS Teatteri Union.

My friend also has a friend…
Well then! For good friends and friend groups, there is a very limited amount of Private Booth tickets, which means that you can book a four-person private booth for a screening. There, you can get as close to your friends as you want, whether that be right next to, on the lap of or even upside down.

Enough with the chit chat! Where can I get those tickets?
Before the festival, HIFF tickets are sold at the following locations. Please note! Due to the pandemic, cash is not accepted at the box offices. We recommend buying tickets from our online shop.

The festival’s online shop
We recommend buying tickets from our online shop. Tickets can be bought from each film’s introductory page here. A handling fee of 0.80 € is charged per online purchase.

Akateeminen bookstore
Before the festival starts, tickets can be bought, in addition to the online shop, in the ticket sales point stationed in Akateeminen bookstore between 10–16 September. Akateeminen bookstore is located in Pohjoisesplanadi 39. Opening hours can be found here (see Online shop and box offices).

Kino Regina
You can buy HIFF tickets from the Kino Regina box office before and during the festival, between 10–27 September. The Kino Regina box office is located on the first floor of the Central Library Oodi at Töölönlahdenkatu 4. Opening times are available here (see Online shop and box offices).

But I want to buy (more) tickets during the festival!
Once HIFF has started, you can buy tickets from the following locations:

The festival’s online shop
We recommend buying tickets from our online shop. Tickets can be bought from each film’s introductory page here. A handling fee of 0.80 € is charged per online purchase.

The Festival Centre
During the festival (17–27 September), the HIFF Festival Centre is located on the second floor of Bio Rex (Mannerheimintie 22–24). In addition to tickets, in the Centre you can also purchase a catalogue, a shirt or a tote bag and decorate your life with love and anarchy, as well as take a breather between screenings. During the festival, the Festival Centre is open every day from 10am to 9pm.

Festival cinemas
Tickets to all HIFF screenings can be bought in many of the festival cinemas during the festival (17–27 September). HIFF tickets ARE NOT SOLD in the following festival cinemas: Finnkino Itis, Kino Tapiola, Riviera, Savoy-theatre, WHS Teatteri Union.

PLEASE NOTE! The Finnkino box offices DO NOT sell tickets to HIFF screenings
Instead, Kinopalatsi has a separate HIFF box office. When you come to Kinopalatsi to buy HIFF tickets, do not go to the Finnkino box office, but rather head to the HIFF box office upstairs, next to the Kaisaniemenkatu main entrance.

I want to reserve a ticket, not buy one!
Once you have chosen a film, just keep on clicking through the online shop. At the end, you will be asked if you want to buy or reserve the ticket. You can reserve tickets until Sunday, September 13th, but you can still claim them on the following Monday. Unclaimed tickets go back on sale on Tuesday, September 15th at 12pm.

So how much do I have to pay?
The HIFF tickets cost 10 euros each. Festival passes that include multiple tickets cost between 45–290 euros depending on how many tickets you choose. Detailed information about different festival passes can be found here (see Festival passes). A handling fee is added to online purchases.
A handling fee is charged when buying a festival pass, but there is no handling fee added when redeeming tickets with one. There are also specially priced screenings at the festival, so a tenner does not get you everywhere. Please note! Festival passes cannot be used to purchase tickets to specially priced screenings. (Cine Concert: Nosferatu x Lauri Porra & Veli Kujala, September 24th)

My pockets are lined with culture vouchers!
Good for you! Culture vouchers can be used to pay for HIFF tickets at festival box offices. Accepted vouchers are Smartum, Virike, Edenred and Tyky, as well as the SmartumPay app and the Smartum Saldo card. Please remember that culture vouchers CANNOT be used to buy tickets from the festival’s online shop!

What is a festival pass?
A festival pass is not really a ticket at all, but rather a sequence of numbers and letters. With one code you can redeem the number of tickets included in your festival pass from our online shop, which is the most convenient way to use the festival pass: just enter the code into its dedicated field, and the whole HIFF programme is within your grasp! The festival pass can also be used at the HIFF box offices or at the Festival Centre. The code is not personal, so you can, for example, use it to buy five tickets for yourself and then give it to a friend who can use it to redeem their tickets. All tickets do not have to be redeemed in one transaction, and every time you make a purchase you can check how many tickets you still have left.

When do reserved tickets have to be redeemed?
In the online shop by 11.59pm on September 14th or from the HIFF box office by 7pm on September 14th.

The tickets were sold out…
This can happen. In order to maintain safe distances, only every third seat is sold to the festival screenings. The number of festival passes on sale has also been limited. Basically, we recommend that you get your tickets ahead of time. Please remember to maintain safe distances as well!

Could you please save the world?
Not on our own, but we will try our best. You too can do your part for the environment by buying an Environment ticket instead of a regular one. Environment tickets are just a little bit more expensive but we will donate 2 € per ticket and 5 € per festival pass to selected charities. Find out more here.

But which films should I see?
There are tools on the hiff.fi website to help you put together your own HIFF schedule. When browsing the programme themes or single films, you can find keywords, countries and genres from secrets whispered by trees to a Korean hunt for a serial killer. It is worth keeping an eye on R&A Media, HIFF’s social media and subscribing to our newsletter. Recommendations from the festival’s programme can be found regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also ask for recommendations in the Festival Centre!

Hello! I still do not understand anything?
No problem! More information about ticket sales is available here.

What’s up with those Online Screenings?
This year, selected HIFF films can be viewed online as well. More information on the Online Screenings can be found here.

So, what about that covid-19?
See here for more information on the safety precautions HIFF is taking in the fight against covid-19.