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Do you have covid-19-related questions? – See here how we are making HIFF safe!


Are you concerned about visiting the festival during a pandemic? We have thought about this – a lot – and have worked hard to make the event safe. Here you will find clear and compact answers to the questions on your mind.


Is it safe to come to the festival?

We are doing everything we can to make participating in the festival safe and comfortable for everyone. We follow the recommendations and guidance of the authorities and will update our hygiene and safety practices as needed. We also ask that you do not come to the festival when feeling unwell or while experiencing flu symptoms.

How is the covid-19 situation handled in the theatres?

The number of tickets available to screenings is limited to about a third of the cinemas’ full capacity. On average, only every third seat is in use. The audience is allowed to enter screenings as early as possible to avoid queues. If queues do form, safety distances are maintained in them as well. All theatres are equipped with hand sanitizer. Please practise good hand hygiene when visiting the festival!

Will somebody cough on me during a screening?

The cinemas’ capacity has been limited so that you will have two empty seats on each side. The seating plan has been designed so that no one will be sitting right behind you or directly in front of you.

Are there arrangements for high-risk groups?

Separate screenings are held in some theatres for people belonging to high-risk groups. You can find more information here.

What do the limitations in capacity mean for ticket sales?

There are less tickets available than usual, and the amount of festival passes has been limited as well. The smaller capacity has been compensated by increasing the number of screenings given to films.

I have the sniffles, fever, cough, flu or covid-19 – can I still participate?

No! Please do not come to the festival when feeling unwell or experiencing flu symptoms. In the event of illness, a ticket can be cancelled easily, as long as you do it before the start of the screening.

Do I have to wear a mask if I don’t want to?

No you don’t. If the recommendations of the authorities change, wearing a mask might become mandatory.

What if the covid-19 situation gets worse?

If the pandemic gets worse, we will do as we have done so many times this year: put our masks on, read the new recommendations and adapt to them. In a situation like this, the HIFF practices will be updated following the orders from the authorities. But do not worry, our practices are already more strict than the current regulations for events. For us, your safety is the most important!

Where can I find up-to-date information on the festival’s practices relating to covid-19?

You can find HIFF’s hygiene and safety guidelines here. The practices are updated should the situation change. We will update this article as well.

That’s great! Where can I get tickets?

We recommend buying tickets online here. At the box offices we prefer contactless payment and do not accept cash. Please note! Tickets are not sold in all of our festival theatres.

I do not want to come to the festival at all!

We understand, and we have something prepared for you. This year, you can watch films from the HIFF programme online as well. The online screening programme can be found here.

Come on! I had another question in mind!

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