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Cinema Capacity Limited in HIFF Screenings

This year, the Love & Anarchy Festival is paying special attention to visitor safety. The number of tickets available will be limited to only a third of the cinemas’ full capacity.

Two empty seats will be left on each side of every seat, instead of one as announced earlier. This is meant to ensure proper social distancing in every direction.

Tickets to boxes and double seats will be available for some screenings for those purchasing tickets for their own group.

The number of available seats as well as the amount of sold tickets can be checked on each film’s page on the festival website.

The number of screenings has been increased, and there is more time left between screenings to accommodate for social distancing when entering and exiting the screenings.

The cleaning of the venues has been increased. All cinemas are equipped with hand sanitizer. The audience is asked to take care of hand hygiene.

Please only come to the festival when you are healthy. A purchased ticket can be cancelled in the event of illness before the start of the screening.

If the situation changes, the hygiene and safety practices of the festival will be updated. The up-to-date information can be found here.