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A total of 36 short films have been chosen to compete in the 3rd National Competition of Cut to the Chase – R&A Shorts event. In addition to the national competition, Love & Anarchy’s short film event’s highlights include the new era of Greek short film, a retrospective of Eden director Ulla Heikkilä’s work and the crème de la crème of the newest Finnish short films.

Cut to the Chase – R&A Shortst will host its 3rd National Competition as a part of the Helsinki International Film Festival. 36 short films have been selected to compete by a pre-selection jury who viewed a total of 169 submitted films produced in 2019–2020.

The professional jury of the competition consists of film director Pia Andell, the producer and CEO of Balansia films Swati Goyal, director-screenwriter Mikko Myllylahti and journalist Anton Vanha-Majamaa. The winners will be announced on the 26th of September.

Last year’s competition winner was Jussi Sandhu’s short documentary film The First 27 Years.

The main award of R&A Shorts National Competition, 1 500 €, is sponsored by Helsinki Casting. Sponsored by the Finnish Film Foundation, The New Wave award is granted for a film presenting the new future of Finnish Film. The R&A Shorts Audience Award is sponsored by Marski by Scandic.

For the first time, a Student Award is presented to the best student film. The prize is an accreditation to next year’s HIFF – Love & Anarchy and to its industry event Finnish Film Affair.

The 4th R&A Shorts will be held 23.–27.9 as a part of the 33rd Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy.

Shorts across borders

During its five days, R&A Shorts showcases a total of 178 short films in 33 curated screenings. Finnish and Nordic films are at the heart of the programme.

This year, the audience gets to experience the shiny new era of Greek short films in two screenings: IN FOCUS: GREECE and FILMMAKER IN FOCUS: JACQUELINE LENTZOU.

Current topics are examined in R&A x TULVA: FEMINIST VISIONS screening, curated together with the feminist magazine Tulva as well as in WITH THE CURRENT… screening curated by contemporary artist Sepideh Rahaa, in collaboration with AV-arkki.

Ulla Heikkilä, the director of the acclaimed feature film Eden, gets a retrospective screening of her short films. In addition, CARTE BLANCHE: ULLA HEIKKILÄ series exhibits the director’s personal favourites, including Cannes winner The Ceiling (Katto, 2017) by Teppo Airaksinen and Andrea Arnold’s Oscar-winning Wasp (2003).

More than 60 % of the R&A Shorts films are directed by women or non-binary people and 56 % of the films competing in the National Competition are by non-male directors.

The 33rd Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy is held 17.–27.9.2020. The festival programme is published on 27.8. On the same day, the festival informs about its policies regarding Covid-19. Ticket sales begin on 10.9.



Antti Holma: Kill Anneli
Marja Helander: Shelter
Laura Rantanen: On Hold
Lauri-Matti Parppei: The Last Day
Katri Myllyniemi, Vilja Autiokyrö: Ride of Passage
Marika Harjusaari: Verge
Tuukka Vartiainen: We have heaven

Maija Blåfield: The Fantastic
T2: Hardballer
Malin Nyqvist: The Enraged Ones
Anni Sairio, Veera Krouglov, Virve Ranta: Under Control
Samuel Kirkhope: A Band Called Milk
Minna Rainio, Mark Roberts: To Teach a Bird to Fly

Sawandi Groskind: Where to Land
Hanna Brotherus: Men
Mika Taanila: Patent No. 314805
Jojo Erholtz: Tape
Sami Mustonen: Marras
Siiri Halko: Katharsis Oy
Pilvi Takala: If Your Heart Wants It (Remix)
Jani Ilomäki: Bunny

Teemu Niukkanen: Are you hungry?
Samuli Valkama: Ha Ha Ha
Thomas Freundlich, Valtteri Raekallio: Fram – Forward
Juha van Ingen: 2020
Mariangela Pluchino: Leonarda – Flesh Ain’t Weak
Henna Välkky, Samuel Häkkinen: Verdict 30001: The Cookies
Iiti Yli-Harja: Real Men
Zaida Bergroth: Kristal

Tommi Seitajoki: The Explosion of a Swimming Ring
Aira Vehaskari: Manning Up
Sevgi Eker: 49 Years From the House on the Left
Uzair Amjad: Paper Promises
Hanna Kaihlanen: Cracking Sound
Sofie Häkkinen: Emotional Labour Club
Tatu Pohjavirta: All tender things