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The HIFF short film award winners have been announced. The winner of the National Competition’s R&A LIFT Award is Jussi Sandhu’s short documentary film 27 First Years. Other awards were the Uusi Aalto award, the audience award and the special mention of the jury.

The winner of the HIFF’s short film award R&A LIFT is Jussi Sandhu’s documentary film 27 FIRST YEARS. The film tells about the director’s mother and his disabled brother who moves away from his childhood home.

27 First Years treats its subject with warmth, subtlety and beauty. It is intime and personal to its maker, but the end result is universal, relatable and touching for us all. The film has a warm heart, and its humane point of view gives its viewer hope and solace, says the jury in their statement.

The 1 500 euro R&A LIFT Award is sponsored by the LIFT festival.

The special mention of the jury goes to Kirsikka Saari’s short film SUPER COMFORT.

The Uusi Aalto Award for a new talent in Finnish cinema goes to Tinja Ruusuvuori for her film UNTITLED (BURNED RUBBER ON ASPHALT, 2018). The award, sponsored by the Finnish Film Foundation, is a trip to a European film festival.

This year’s HIFF audience awards Milja Härkönen’s TO FEEL ALIVE. The audience award, sponsored by Rajala Pro Shop, is 700 euro gift voucher.

The awarded films can be seen on Sunday in the NATIONAL COMPETITION: WINNERS 2019 screening at Kino Engel.

The jury of HIFF’s second National Competition consisted of screenwriter Anna Brotkin, actor Boodi Kabbani and film educator Hanna Wahlman.

This year’s National Competition included 30 Finnish short films completed in 2018-2019.

Last year’s R&A LIFT Award was won by Virva and Vuokko Kunttu by their documentary short film STAR SHAPED SCAR.