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THE NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2017 has been awarded to director and scriptwriter Selma Vilhunen and producers Kaarle Aho & Kai Nordberg from Finland for LITTLE WING.

The highly acclaimed film LITTLE WING received Wednesday night (1.11.) the NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2017, one of Northern Europe’s most coveted film awards. Selma Vilhunen’s feature film debut had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016 and then visited more than 20 international festivals.

All the Nordic Council Film Prize nominees were presented at the HIFF’s programme this year.

This was the fourteenth time that the Nordic Council Film Prize was awarded. The prize is worth DKK 350,000, which is shared between the film’s director, screenwriter, and producer.

The NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE is the most prestigious film award in the Nordic region. The prize goes to films that display both high quality and deep Nordic artistic roots.

The Nordic Council Film Prize is administered by Nordisk Film & TV Fond on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.