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The five films competing for the Nordic Council Film Prize have been announced. Each of them will be screened at the 30th HIFF – 14.-24. September.

The nominees for this year’s Nordic Council Film Prize are:

– Heartstone (Hjartasteinn, dir. Guðmundur Arnad Guðmundsson, Iceland)

Hunting Flies (Fluefangeren, dir. Izer Aliu, Norway)

– Parents (Forældre, dir. Christian Tafdrup, Denmark)

– Sami Blood (Sameblod, dir. Amanda Kernell, Sweden)

Little Wing (Tyttö nimeltä Varpudir. Selma Vilhunen, Finland)

The winner will be announced in Helsinki on November 1st.

All five of the NCFP 2017 nominees will be screened at HIFF. Sami Blood will be screened with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. All the other films will have English subtitles.

Guðmundur Arnad Guðmundsson, Amanda Kernell, Christian Tafdrup and Selma Vilhunen will attend the festival. Other attendees are also possible.