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This year Love & Anarchy festival screens films about refugees’ rights and death penalty during the traditional Amnesty Day event.

Worldwide, over 60 million people have been forced to leave their homes. More than half of them are children. The Documentary DREAMING OF DENMARK follows the life of an Afghan teenager Wasiullah who arrived alone in Denmark at the age of 15 to seek asylum. For a couple of years he is like any Danish teenager, but when Wasiullah turns 18 and his asylum application is rejected, he is suddenly forced to leave the country. The documentary reveals the shocking underground existence of the refugees in Europe.

The Swedish drama WHITE PEOPLE is set literally underground – in an underground prison for refugees waiting for deportation. The protagonist of the film Alex is on the way to the store when she is arrested by police and put into custody. Filmed in an actual bomb shelter, the film has sci-fi inspired gloomy atmosphere. White People is a skilfully made allegory and a thought-provoking art film about people and power.

Set in apartheid-era South Africa, SHEPHERDS AND BUTCHERS is an eloquent courtroom drama about capital punishment. When Leon, a 19-year-old prison guard kills seven men in a hail of bullets, the gallows loom ahead. However death row is familiar for young Leon since he has worked on one in the nation’s most notorious prison, under traumatic conditions: befriending the inmates over the years while having to assist their eventual execution. Inspired by true events, the film ponders over the double role of the state: Can a state be both a shepherd and a butcher?