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Cannes winners, legendary musicians and the most anticipated films from all over the world. The 29th HIFF offers the first sneak peek of what to look out for next September:

One of the films coming to HIFF straight from Cannes’ Competition is Bacalaureat (Graduation). The tale of corruption in the modern day Romania brought Cristian Mungiu the shared Best Directing prize at Cannes Film Festival. The film will be brought to theatres next winter by Cinema Mondo.

Another anticipated film is Mia madre which topped the French cineaste magazine Cahiers du Cinema‘s list of the best films of 2015. In Nanni Moretti‘s drama middle-aged director Margherita struggles with an existential crisis and the inevitable loss of her mother.

From the apex of modern Japanese cinema comes Kiyoshi Kurosawa‘s Creepy (Kurîpî: Itsuwari no rinjin). The dark crime story follows an ex-detective taking on a case that turns out to be more mysterious and creepy than he thought.

Another Asian pearl is the animated zombie film Seoul Station. Korean HIFF favorite Sang-ho Yeon‘s socially conscious and nihilistic film depicts the beginnings of a zombie virus epidemic in a homeless community in the Seoul train station.

The films about musicians and bands are always big HIFF favorites. This year will be no exception with biographies of legendary musicians filling the screens during the festival. Miles Ahead is a steamy jazz biopic of the rollercoaster life of the trumpetist legend Miles Davis. The film is Don Cheadle‘s first film as a director.

Another treat for music lovers is the documentary Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words which tells the story of one of the quirkiest and most experimenting inventors of rock music. The fascinating film lets Zappa tell his life story in archival interview material.

As always, Scandinavian cinema will be strongly represented at the festival. One of the films showcased will be Denmark’s last year’s Oscar nominee A War (Krigen) which tells about a Danish military officer who gets in trouble in Afghanistan, and his family’s coping with the situation back home.

The 29th HIFF will be held on September 15. – 25. 2016.