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Helsinki International Film Festival’s ticket sales got off to a good start when the ticket booths opened on September 10 at 10 AM. In line with previous years, the Opening Gala Film LOUDER THAN BOMBS sold out within the first 30 minutes of ticket sales both in the web shops and at the ticket booths. Denis Villeneuve’s drug war film SICARIO was also sold out on Thursday.

Other popular films at the ticket booths included the science fiction satire THE LOBSTER, the different kind of a Sherlock Holmes filmatisation MR. HOLMES and the recent hot topic THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL that depicts the sexual awakening of a teenage girl.

Among the most popular films were also three animated films MISS HOKUSAI, WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE and EXTRAORDINARY TALES, as well as slanted comedies LIZA, THE FOX-FAIRY and MEN & CHICKEN. Year’s big festival winners caught interest, too: THE ASSASSIN, DHEEPAN and VICTORIA were quick to sell.

During the first six hours of ticket sales, well over 20 000 tickets were bought or reserved. The festival’s over 500 screenings still offer the audience plenty to choose from. It is still possible to get tickets for the fully booked screenings when all unclaimed tickets are put back to sale on September 17.

Tickets for the HIFF closing film YOUTH will be on sale on Monday 14th of September starting at 10 AM.

The image is from the film Sicario.