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Cinematic concert Enthusiasm gives the HIFF audience a chance to take part in a collaboration of historical film and new music as Teho Majamäki and Linda Fredriksson create a unique soundscape for Dziga Vertov’s documentary film Enthusiasm.

The Soviet director Vertov is one of the true pioneers of documentary film narration, having created such masterpieces as Man With a Movie Camera. Ethusiasm – Symphony of the Donbass was completed in 1930. Vertov’s themes reflect both a world gone by and the zealous construction of socialism in the region of Donbass, which still remains the center for the coal mining industry in Ukraine.

Enthusiasm was one of the first sound films made. Image and sound were recorded onto separate film reels and they were played back in sync in real-time in screenings. The new live soundtrack composed for Enthusiasm pays homage to the original concept of the film and draws inspiration from Vertov’s singular rhythmic cinematic language and narrative cadence.

The Enthusiasm Cinematic Concert is significantly different from the previous work of acclaimed jazz saxophonist Linda Fredriksson and percussionist Teho Majamäki, who has performed with Ismo Alanko Säätiö, among others.

”Composing for the film was very different from how we usually compose, as we needed to follow the picture, which defined the duration and the tempo of the piece. It is different to compose with film.”

Stylistically the music meanders from joyful ballads to distorted punk and diverse ambient sceneries. From the wide spectrum of instruments, Linda Fredriksson plays saxophones, flute, percussions and several toy instruments while Teho Majamäki brings out his vibraphone, drums, Indian harmonium, construction pipe and kalimba. The musicians have been inspired by Enthusiasm’s tempo and the rhythm of the cinematic language.

”We wrote the music following the atmosphere of the film. Many of the ideas were created by improvising with the image. The pieces are carefully composed to match the rhythm of the sequences. However, there is still some room left for surprises and improvisation within the compositions.”

Fredriksson and Majamäki have  also performed with the live soundtrack for Enthusiasm in Spain and Japan. At HIFF, the concert will be recorded for the first time.

Cinematic Concert: Enthusiasm  Saturday 20 September at 21:15 in Orion.