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The artist who created the new HIFF poster is Susanna Silván, a graphic design student with a strong interest in movies. The secretively whispering girl in Silván’s poster first appeared in mirrors designed by the artist last year.

I made the first version of the drawing in 2013 for a small collection of mirrors. At that point I didn’t think very much about the story behind the girl in the picture. I just wanted to draw a girl who was beautiful, despite having a scull painted on her face, Silván recalls.

R&A_julisteWhen Silván created the poster for HIFF from the old sketches, she started thinking about a story for the girl. She added a scull to the poster, representing the deceased husband of the woman in the picture. She imagined that the girl was unable to live without the love of her life, therefore forever carrying the scull with her.

– I thought that the girl was a bit crazy, talking to the scull like her husband was still alive. The idea might sound repulsive, but it worked when I started to draw. I wanted the image to have a warm and “loving” atmosphere so that the girl wouldn’t look like murderer, because she’s not.

Silván studies graphic design in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and likes drawing for different clients on her spare time.

– I am inspired by other artists, especially artists who work with their hands.

Susanna Silván likes film, especially if it is well scripted or aesthetically beautiful.

– HIFF is the place to be for big film experiences, she states.