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THE FIFHT ESTATE, Bill Condon’s thriller about Wikileaks, will have its European premiere at HIFF on September 25 at 4pm in Orion. The film will be shown in Finnish theatre’s from October 25.

The Fifth Estate made headlines when Wikileaks leaked the film’s screenplay. The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and the US premiere is on October 13th. In other words, the HIFF audience will be among the first to see the film.

Wikileaks says the site released the screenplay because it is full of factual mistakes. The site claims that most of the events depicted in the film never happened, or that the people shown were not involved in them. Wikileaks disputes the film’s central argument: that the document leaks endangered US State Department informants around the world.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and German actor Daniel Bruhl as former Wikileaks employee Daniel Domscheit-Berg.