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As a frontrunner of cinematic culture, HIFF wants to promote rising stars and future big names of cinema. Consequently, the festival showcases a large selection of short films, a total of about 150 works, which is more than ever before in HIFF’s history. The filmmakers are mainly new European talents, especially from the Nordic countries and the Balkans.   

A selection of the short films will also be shown for the first time as part of HIFF’s new online festival.  Through the online festival Love & Anarchy can provide film experiences to a global audience, meaning that one can enjoy part of the ambitious short film program without coming to Helsinki.

Social screenings on the Internet

Watching films at HIFF’s online festival in the so-called social screenings is free. The screening platform makes it possible to discuss the film in real time with the filmmakers and other viewers through different built-in commentary functions. In the spirit of experiencing films collectively, the screenings begin and end at set times. This makes the social screenings resemble HIFF’s other screenings, bringing the unique shared festival experience to the virtual world.

More information about the social screenings will be available on HIFF’s web page closer to the festival. The social screening service is provided for HIFF by Blinkamovie.

(Photographs from the short films Labyrintti [You Built Me A Labyrinth], Sevilla and Catching a Lion)