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An international scriptwriting & film production workshop will take place in Helsinki during the Helsinki International Film Festival on September 23rd-29th.

The film organizations Euphoria Borealis and NISI MASA are seeking 10 scriptwriters to write a short film in three days and 10 directors to direct a short from those scripts. Interested other creators may also apply!

The workshop is targeted to emerging screenwriters with European residency (18-35 years). 5 international and 5 Finnish scriptwriters will be selected though the call.

It is not possible to apply as a scriptwriter AND a director, since the plot of the workshop is that the scriptwriter and the director will be a different person. The deadline for the international applicants is the 1st  of August. The working and writing language of the workshop is English.

Supporting young film makers throughout Europe

Euphoria Borealis is a Finnish Non-Governmental Organization that is one of the founding associations of NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema, a network for young cinephiles and filmmakers. Euphoria has been organizing international film workshops since 2002 in Finland and abroad.

The main aim of RISE OF EUPHORIA is to support emerging scriptwriters in Europe by giving them a unique opportunity to see their script develop into a finished short film in one week. The focus is on delivering a story from paper to a finished film through international collaborations.

Scriptwriters practice writing and feedbacking

The 3-day session consists of writing, feedbacking your fellow writers work as well as making exercises on how to pitch and develop your story.

Screenwriters will also collaborate with a production coordinator to prepare their script for the shootings. Participants will be tutored by Nadja Dumouchel.

Directors work on a low budget

In four days, during 26.-29. September the directors will be directing a short film from a script that has been freshly written in the past 3 days in Helsinki by one astonishing and emerging scriptwriter.

In addition to a 5-minute short film script the directors will be provided with actors, shooting locations and the assisting crew from the collaborating filmmakers from the Finnish association Euphoria Borealis and from the Independent film school collective Helsinki Film Academy.

Directors will be collaborating closely with a production coordinator and the production team.

The short films will be premiered on the 29th of September as part of the Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy.

For more information, please visit Nisi Masa