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HUMAK University of Applied Sciences student Mika Värtö studied in his thesis the volunteers of the film festival Love & Anarchy. I his thesis Värtö studied what are volunteer’s main motives to sign up as volunteers and how satisfied they are with their experience.

The festival has grown a lot during its 25-year long history, and just in the past few years the amount of volunteers has multiplied. Today Love & Anarchy couldn’t be arranged without the help of the volunteers, and that is why it is important to keep them satisfied and committed. That can be only done by fist studying the volunteers and then by developing the way to coordinate them. Based on the research results Värtö created several development tasks that he introduced to the production team one and half weeks after the festival.

Four different methodshas been used: quantitative research, qualitative research, benchmarking and participant observation. Quantitative research helped to get some background information of the volunteers. With the qualitative research Värtö dug deeper into the volunteers’ motives and satisfaction. He benchmarked Ilosaarirock festival. The aim was to find out some patterns that could be adapted into the volunteer coordinating in Love & Anarchy. With participant observation Värtö studied how the guest hosts are being briefed.

The results show that the volunteers are really satisfied with their experience. They were a little dissatisfied with the large amount of sold-out screenings: volunteers weren’t allowed to get in to the sold-out screenings with their staff-passes. The key motives to sign up as volunteer were interest in movies, free movies, getting to know new people and being part of the event management. Volunteers’ motivation was high.

Love & Anarchy volunteer coordinating will be reformed next year based on this thesis.

Mika Värtö “Volunteers of the Love & Anarchy film festival. Motives and satisfaction.”