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On top of a substantial programme, the festival anniversary year introduces a number of other events connected to film. The Film & Dinner evenings, organised during the first festival weekend for the films Haute Cuisine and The Angels’ Share, were very successful. Due to the popularity of the concept, a second Film & Dinner evening of Haute Cuisine will be organised this Saturday, September 29th at 6.45pm. Tickets (49e) are now available.

On Friday, September 28th at 6.30pm the 18 Meals Film & Dinner evening, celebrating Spanish cuisine, takes place. The director of the film, Jorge Coira, takes part in both the screening and the dinner. The evenings are organised together with Restaurant Sunn.

The beginning of the week offers treats for film and music lovers in the form of Orion’s Film in Concert events. The original combination of film and live music On Foreign Soil: Das Kapital Goes Design presented by the eurojazz band Das Kapital takes place on Monday September 24th at 9pm. On Tuesday, September 25th at 9pm, acclaimed Finnish filmmaker Ilppo Pohjola brings his abstract episode film 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 – Sympathy for the Decay to Orion. The film combines music, experimental images and documentary into conceptual, contextual, cinematic unity. The film is accompanied by live electronic music performed by Jim McKee and Pekka Lappi. Tickets for the Film in Concert events are 12 euros.

HIFF classics theme Fireworks From the Love & Anarchy Archives continues at Kesäkino Engel during the entire week.

Image from the Haute Cuisine Dinner & Film evening, September 21st by Lauri Hassi.