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HIFF introduces an interesting part of its 25th programme in advance with pre-screenings of award-winning films focusing on city space, architecture and design. The pre-screenings are held at the World Design Capital Pavilion in Helsinki on five Sundays preceding the festival.

This series of acclaimed documentaries takes part in the important discussion about public space and its use. The films present fresh viewpoints on what future cities should and could be like, and portray gloomy images of our current direction.

All HIFF pre-screenings are free of charge. The Pavilion is situated between the Design Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki.

A Monument to Please Everyone
Sunday, August 19th, 7pm
Duration: 87 min, Language: Estonian with English subtitles
Kristina Norman’s debut feature film addresses the design and erection of the War of Independence Victory Column in Tallinn in 2009. Nationalist, absurd and tragicomic debates arise on the backstage of the memorial statue.
A Monument to Please Everyone trailer

Work Hard, Play Hard
Sunday, August 26th, 7pm
Duration: 88 min, Language: German with English subtitles
Carmen Losmann’s award-winning film intelligently contemplates work, future offices and how employees are encouraged to forget that they are actually working – and thus make a greater effort. Work Hard, Play Hard forces us to think about our goals both at the workplace and in our personal lives.
Work Hard, Play Hard trailer

Sunday, September 2nd, 7pm
Duration: 85 min, Language: English
Gary Hustwit’s (Helvetica HIFF 2008, Objectified 2009) design trilogy’s last part asks, who designs our cities and with whose permission and participation? Hustwit focuses on innovative design projects from around the world and demonstrates how urban planning, architecture and design help – or force – us to act in certain ways.
Urbanized trailer

About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now
Sunday, September 9th, 7pm
Duration: 72 min, Language: English
Familiar from fashion photos, models who have affected our view of beauty discuss the relationship between appearance, money and fashion. Photographer-director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders peeks all the way into the 1940s in this HBO documentary which draws a somewhat disturbing picture of our endless obsession with youth.
About Face trailer

Sunday, September 16th, 7pm
Duration: 93 min, Language: English
Graphic design master Pablo Ferro’s handprint can be seen on countless legendary Hollywood films including Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Director Richard Goldgewicht innovatively combines animation with archive material in his depiction of Ferro’s rise from Cuban poverty to the king of MTV aesthetics. Jeff Bridges narrates.
Pablo trailer
Photos: Urbanized, About Face, Pablo and Work Hard, Play Hard