Image: Clara Sola (2021), Sophie Winqvist

Love & Anarchy Earth ticket

The festival audience has an opportunity to participate in L&A’s environmental work by purchasing our environment tickets. We donate 5 € per Earth serial card and 2 € per Earth ticket to two selected charities. In 2022, the donations will go to animal sanctuaries Tuulispää and Saparomäki. The money from donations will be shared in its entirety between the two charities.

By channeling the donations toward environmental work, L&A wants to support the sustainable protection of the environment, as well as provide its audience with an easy way to participate in the work. The festival continues to develop its production toward environmentally friendly direction. Love & Anarchy is a part of the City of Helsinki Think Sustainably program.


Located in Porvoo, Saparomäki provides a home mainly for the so-called production animals that have been under a slaughter threat. One of the key means of action in Saparomäki is educational and informative work. Saparomäki offers the opportunity to get to know other species as sentient individuals. Pigs, sheep, chickens, and a former test dog reside in the sanctuary. The money from the donations is used to maintain the sanctuary and build new facilities.


Tuulispää, located in Somero, is an animal sanctuary funded in 2012. There are approximately 100 residents at the sanctuary ranging from horses, cows, sheep and goats to pigs, chickens, roosters, and arctic foxes. All the animals have one thing in common: before coming to Tuulispää they had no place to go, or they were about to lose their lives. In addition to protecting animals on a concrete level, Tuulispää’s goal is to share information about animal protection and animal rights. Tuulispää is run by a non-profit and its existence and operation is dependent on donations.

When purchasing an environmental ticket you will receive a -20% discount coupon after the festival to Thai Vegan Kitchen. 

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