Feature films
Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy is mainly an invitation only festival. Please note that the programming team only responds to suggestions they wish to know more about, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the film will be watched or your message answered. The feature film programme is curated by the L&A Ministry film programmers lead by artistic director Pekka Lanerva. There is no submission for feature films. If you want to suggest your film to the festival programming team, you can do so via our Contact form. Please also note, that HIFF mainly presents films from Europe.

Short films
There is no open submission for international short films. If the production country of your film is Finland, you can submit your film to the National Competition. The submission for 2020 competition opens on March 2nd.

Audience members
If you would like to let us know about a film you would like to see in the festival programme, you can also do so via the Contact form.