Yhdessä (2019)

PLEASE NOTE: No English dialogue/subtitles!

“France’s Oscar submission is a secretive love story with shades of Amour.”

David Ehrlich, The Guardian

“Filippo Meneghetti, a first-time but remarkably assured filmmaker, gives Two of Us a dreamlike realism, letting the score go ragged in its tensest moments and swooping in artfully on aching closeups and empty spaces. More than any machinations in the script, it’s the profound intimacy he creates for his two main characters — and the lovely, indelible way both actresses color inside those lines — that lingers after the last poignant fadeout.”

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

Two of Us toys with the viewer like a cat with a mouse. It knows we’re watching, and it acknowledges that voyeurism by focusing on peepholes and windows, both of which are constantly providing information.

Odie Henderson, Rogerebert.com

  • Orig. title: Deux
  • Language: French, German
  • Subtitles: Swedish, Finnish
  • Distribution: Cinema Mondo
  • Cinematography: Aurélien Marra
  • Editing: Julian Maby, Ronan Tronchot
  • Music: Michele Menini
  • Sound: Céline Bodson
  • Production design: Laurie Colson
  • Costume design: Magdalena Labuz
  • Make-up: Katja Reinert-Alexis, Evie Hamels