Wild Dogs – A Herstory of the Music Producer (2018)

The beat gives shape to a geometric pattern, a pink dog wakes up to the sounds of a synthesizer, and there’s mist hanging all over. Psychedelic drawings reinterpret and complete the music. Wild Dogs – A Herstory of the Music Producer is a beautiful documentary film about women as music producers, made with a Swedish sense of style – so much more than just turning knobs at the studio.

Wild Dogs focuses on a project of a network called Popkollo encouraging women and transgender people to produce music and helping them get off the ground. The business is already full of women, but mostly as objects of gaze with no power over the artistic outcome. Popkollo is set to change that.

The first step is getting to know the equipment and learning about how different effects work. Gradually, it becomes clear that the craft is not impossible – just something you need to get on with. Peer support sooths the spells of crushing self-criticism.

Wild Dogs will draw new-found attention to details in music production. In the end, the project might very well have an impact much larger than originally intended.

Translation: Maija Vikman

  • Orig. title:
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Dela Kakan
  • Cinematography: Olivia Kastebring, Elin Lilleman Eriksson, Saeuron Norén, Shazi Özdemir, Matilda Ebenstål Almeida
  • Editing: Therese Elfström, Sascha Fülcher, Saga Gärde, Britta Norell, Sara Thisner Lindstedt