When Margaux Meets Margaux (2017)

French writer-director Sophie Fillieres has a knack for making off-kilter dramedies about women under the influence, […] showing them in various states of hilarity, disarray and despair.

Her latest effort, When Margaux Meets Margaux, doubles down on that premise by portraying not one but two such characters – who also happen to be the same person. […] [T]his surreal two-hander [exudes] its charms, with the winning duo of Sandrine Kiberlain and Agathe Bonitzer playing a woman at two stages in her life: one as she enters adulthood, the other as she reaches middle age. […] Fillières […] manages to dig intriguingly into the female psyche […].

When we first meet 20-year-old Margaux (Bonitzer), she’s skirting through a dead-end job and relationship while trying to finish her Masters’ degree. At a party one night in Paris, she runs into 45-year-old Margaux (Kiberlain), who, without any clear explanation […] turns out to be herself as well.
Fillières never tries to justify what’s happening […]. Rather, the film focuses on how les deux Margaux can use the event to better themselves in the eternal present. […] Alongside the two strong leads, [Melvil] Poupaud plays Marc – an ex-boyfriend who pops back into the picture and stays there – with the right combination of confusion and seduction […].

Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

  • Orig. title: La Belle et la Belle
  • Language: French
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: Indie Sales
  • Cinematography: Emmanuelle Collinot
  • Editing: Valérie Loiseleux